Process Renovation

You can increase the effectiveness of your practice; specifically the effectiveness of your marketing and business development activities, and I can help. The process typically includes the following steps:

I analyze the structure and operation of your current marketing and business development activities; learning all I can about the people involved, your processes, procedures, and tools. I review your track record and the metrics you use to measure your success. I look at how your current marketing activities fit within the overall business plan of your firm.

I work with you to set realistic goals and metrics for your marketing enterprise and guide you through a process of defining the appropriate marketing and business development program for your firm. I help you define the most effective roles for Principals, project managers and architects, consultants and dedicated business development staff. I help you identify new tools, techniques and processes to support and increase the effectiveness of your staff.

I help you identify the changes necessary to increase your effectiveness, and identify critical additions to your staff. I may suggest modifications of your existing tools and processes to enhance their effectiveness in attracting new clients and new business. And I will challenge the leadership of your firm to support and model the changes in priority, processes, and behavior that you agree are necessary to achieve your goals.