After this, everything is easy

It makes sense that the hardest thing for me to do is also the hardest thing for my clients to do…


We can read book after book, hire an army of brilliant consultants, and implement the world’s best strategies and processes, but if we don’t know WHY we are doing what we do, and WHERE we are going to take our firm the best we can do is run around in circles. I know this is true because it’s true for me, and you and I have a lot in common. I constantly struggle with WHY. Constantly.

Our professional education, and for that matter our grade school education was based on process, technique, procedure, and methodology. In essence, HOW to get there. But rare is the child who grows up in an environment steeped in the WHY questions of life. The problem is that now the HOW problems are being solved by computers, or someone in China, or someone that get’s paid a fraction of what we expect to be paid.

Discovering your WHY is usually not a simple task. The best way I have found to work through my WHY questions is with the help of another person…a guide, friend, adviser. Call them anything that suits you. It takes another person to help us find our way through the fog of a lifetime of conditioning. You probably know someone who can help you. Now call them and ask for help.