Writing like you believe it

Issac Sweeney is looking for a summer job as an adjunct professor at James Madison University. He has posted in wonderful cover letter in a piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education. If like me, you have read dozens of cover letters from prospective applicants, you probably agree that this one stands out. I would want to meet him even if I didn’t have a job to offer him.

When I dug a little deeper I found this earlier post with an intriguing back story. Let’s assume what he says about his qualifications is correct. Apparently telling your bosses they are wrong is not a formula for success in academe.  And I suspect Issac isn’t going to find a job at any academic institution where the powers that be are worried about their own jobs or confused about their own sense of purpose. But if I were looking for a writer who can communicate with passion, and get me to take notice…ie to write a blog post like this one and tell you about me or my firm…he would be the guy.

Good luck, Issac. Hang in there. Your courage and conviction are badly needed, and will be rewarded.