Another lesson from parenting

Ann and I had a great weekend in Atlanta with our son, Kerr, his wife, and their menagerie of pets. During a conversation with Kerr over lunch on Saturday I was reminded how every little thing we did as a parents had an effect on him and his brother, John. Like it or not, they were watching every move and every decision we made. Ann and I always tried to keep our focus on their growth and development knowing that we were responsible in large part for preparing them to function as adults. I realize now that was our Vision for them.

Holding a similar and equally clear vision in mind as we practice architecture is equally important. This is not “just business.” It is life, and as you may have heard me say, the future of the planet is in our capable hands. To practice architecture without an equally clear vision risks a legacy we may regret as our work “grows up” like our children.

Have a good week!

“Vision always comes before mission. You have to know where you’re going before you can figure out how to get there.” Simon Sinak