Unless, of course, it really is about you

I am smack dab in the middle of a raging debate. One voice says: “It’s about our clients, not us. When our websites shout ME ME ME ME we are sending not just the wrong message, but also an offensive one.” The other voice says “I am what I am, and what I have learned along the road I have traveled for the past 30 years is what my clients want to know. Correction: need to know, and I need to share it with them. It has to be about me.”

Here is the distinction: There is a huge difference between ME and US. And there is a big difference between my ego and my essence. I’ve been trying to understand this for years…and with a lot of help from some extraordinary people. Today’s shout out goes to Dyana Valentine. More later about how our paths crossed….and which one of me is winning the debate.