It’s still not about you…*

Kim Weiss is in the PR business, and good at it. Her clients (including architects and a variety of other artists) are consistently recognized in “the press” in all its forms. Today she posted a rant on her Facebook page sharing her frustration with the local newspaper which has for years refused to make mention of the architect in articles of any kind about buildings. Shameful and frustrating as that is, her post collected a comment from one of her friends pointing out that the websites of architects don’t help reporters do their job of collecting accurate information quickly:

“Kim – if you know anyone there, please let them know they committed their own serious error. No email address on the contact section. Since I am going to continue ranting, let me state that the most horrible trend with architects is their web sites: Flash. They are unusable messes and it’s impossible to link to specific projects.”

We architects love ourselves so much that our business development approach is often designed so that we will hire ourselves. Most are still trying to work out the economics of that…. (end of rant)

*It’s not about you…and by you I, of course, mean us.