Counting the seconds…

Some of us (many of us?) have attention issues. This can be a blessing for creatives: We are never stuck with one direction, one thought, or one solution. We are always looking for a better way, a different way, or just a more interesting way. Of course this is also a curse. Just ask my wife, my children, my sibings and everyone I’ve ever worked for or with.

Regardless, there is work to do. I keep a countdown clock on my desktop that is calibrated to my life expectancy based on fairly conservative federal government tables. Accordingly, I’ll check out in April of 2031, twenty years, 3 months and 2 days from now at age 78. There are other, more optimistic calculators that give me an extra 14 years based in large part on my propensity to make friends and spend time with them every week, the fact that I no longer smoke, and that I drink in moderation. I choose to use the more conservative projection.

The reason I us the shorter projection, and the reason this countdown clock stays on my desktop is to remind me that I have completed about 75% of my life and that I need to pay attention to how I spend the 20-30 years I have left. Nothing like watching the seconds tick by to help with that. I’ve never been more convinced that the work I am doing and the time I am spending with my friends and family is valuable and really important. I want to waste as little of it as possible.