Today the message is Power Point

Today I’ve been confronted with the “evils of PowerPoint” on three different occasions so can only deduce that the gods want me to pay attention. I’m old enough to remember when “slides” were presented with Kodak Carousel slide projectors. They never had ANY text on them because the effort required to put it there was enormous: Positives made with dry transfer lettering and then photographed with Kodalith film producing a white on black negative that could be sandwiched with color gels into a slide mount. We can produce an entire PowerPoint presentation now in the time it used to take to produce one slide! Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

Reminded that a picture is still worth 1000 words, a few years ago I made a personal rule to never have more than 10 words on a slide and learned to use the Presenter Mode. If you don’t know about it, you should. Now there is some evidence that information included in “bullets” on PowerPoint slides is not only not retained by your audience, it never even registers because it is unconsciously ignored.

You need to visit a remarkable website: Note & Point created by Dave Ruiz and Christian Ross. They have collected a series of extraordinary presentations and created an effect a presentation resource library that if studied and leveraged can improve the quality of your presentations exponentially. If you make presentations and don’t visit this site you are committing a form of communication negligence…and missing yet another great (and free) resource on the internet.

The slide above is from a presentation posted by The Economist. Both the message and the quality of the presentation are important for all of us who want to understand how to increase our leverage in the marketplace during the “down times.” Check it out.