Page 116

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, introduced me to one of the few tools I have used consistently to tap into my latent, frequently unconscious creative energy. She refers to this daily discipline as Morning Pages; three pages written long hand. No more. No less. These are not notes for the great American novel. They are intensely personal, for your eyes only expressions in ink of the heretofore undiscovered “stuff” that we each have packed away. By writing them each morning I release a safety valve when the pressure has built up, or collect the inspiration of the previous night’s unconscious ramblings.

I write my morning pages journal in a bound volume with numbered pages. That way I can find things when I need them. This morning I made a list on Page 116. It includes about 35 names of people who have in one way or another taught me, influenced me,  impressed me, inspired me, or moved me. These are people that I will go back to for insight and advice as I continue my quest to discover the next, right role for architects.

The list includes former clients, a couple of university Deans, an executive coach, a management consultant, two photographers, a research university librarian, some entrepreneurs and CEOs, an enginner and a handful of architects. Each in his or her way will be able to add insight to the great question: what’s next.

Some of these names popped into my head before dawn. Others as I made coffee. Still others as I began to write. Without my journal, they might have been lost in the sturm and drang of today’s activities. But thanks to Julia Cameron (her name is on the list) I have them safely collected on page 116. My next mission is to get them together, literally or virtually, and make the connections. That process began now.