Let’s change the status quo

The normal ebb and flow of commerce was suspended for a couple of hours yesterday. I found myself involved in an intriguing and stimulating conversation with a CEO, a PhD chemist.  He has created a business model that introduces a level of efficiency to the drug development and testing process by making connections, encouraging and facilitating cooperation, and most important, by challenging the status quo.

The “abnormal” aspect of our meeting was that the typical “I am buying and you are selling” transaction was suspended. Through a misunderstanding he believed I was a potential investor and I believed he was a potential client. In essence, for the bulk of the conversation, we were both “selling.” Using normal logic, the meeting was a failure; a waste of time. But normal is no longer normal and given some time for reflection I discovered the following:

We are more open, more resourceful, more engaged and willing to take greater risks when we are “selling.”

In a typical commercial transaction one party is offering and the other party is filtering; looking critically and skeptically at the offer; testing it to see if it is a fit for what they want to “buy.” In our conversation yesterday we were both engaged and alert. Constantly tapping our experience (and wisdom) databases to find a connection, to reach agreement, to elevate the discussion from the merely necessary to the level of what is possible.

In short, we were both creating and giving and, I believe, adding some positive energy to the universe. Imagine what can happen when we change our perspective to offering the best that we have, to “what is possible”, and move away from the normal commercial frame of reference. It is the difference between an abundance mentality and a scarcity mentality.

Here’s to abundance!