Is it a gift, or is it a Trojan Horse?

All Marketers are Liars is the controversial title of a great book by Seth Godin. He chose the title to stimulate conversation and controversy about this excellent book.  His real point is that all effective marketers are great story tellers, and their best stories are the “lies” we tell ourselves when we want something. If I want you to hire me, I need to understand your view of the world and make sure that my story resonates with it. And, BTW, my story had better be authentic, because you will find out soon enough if it isn’t. My friend David Burney believes that the word marketing has been so corrupted by the breathless shouting that has been typical of advertising and sales for so long that he won’t even use it.

I was reminded again this morning of the general suspicion surrounding “marketing” as I continue to develop a Career Charette. There seems to be an assumption that I am up to something nefarious. After all, who would do something for nothing? Clearly I have not found a way to tell my story in a way that resonates with my target audience, the people I hope will help me organize and produce the event.

Are they ignorant? Ungrateful? Paranoid?  No. I just haven’t done my job…told my story well enough, and as tempting as it is to blame them for “looking a gift horse in the mouth” had the citizens of Troy been a bit more cautious The Iliad may have been less interesting.