No one had heard of Photoshop in 1989

John Knoll and his brother, Tom conceived of what came to be called Photoshop at at time when digital photography did not exist in any commercially viable form. Photoshop was launched by Adobe in 1990 when a Kodak DCS-100 digital camera sold for $13,000. Now, in only 20 years nearly every person alive has heard of Photoshop and has some first hand experience (if they have ever been in a grocery store check out) with what can be done with it.

I have shoes older than Photoshop.

What bit of genius is stuck in some dark recess of your brain because it is too outrageous? Do you really believe that Photoshop was the first or only outrageous idea that John and Tom ever had? Do you have any idea how many times they had failed before and since?

John is now with Industrial Light and Magic and was instrumental in the development and production of the movie Avatar. Not exactly basking in the glory of his past accomplishments, is he. Watch the video and not how “normal” he is.

Just like you and me.