It’s not about you

My friend Linda Conklin is a marketing expert. She provides career coaching for alumni of UNC-Chapel Hill where a part of her job is helping individuals present themselves to potential employers. The principal she keeps drumming into the heads of those she works with is the same for businesses who are trying to reach new clients or markets.

It’s about them…not about you. I’ve asked Linda to be a sounding board for me as I’ve designed this website and crafted the message. Her clarity and forthright observations are living proof that we just don’t always “see it” when we are so close to it. This is one reason a consultant can be so valuable for you and your business.

When consultants do their jobs properly they hold up a mirror for us so we can really see how our message comes across to our target audience. As important, they then encourage us to make the changes we need to make to be successful.

If you are satisfied with the way things are, you don’t need a consultant. If you want a different outcome, look for someone who provides real value and can help you improve the status quo.  And be ready and willing to make some changes.