Cage your lizard

Ideas flow from creative people like water over Niagara Falls. Why, then, do we so often find ourselves working for the “rest of the world” and struggling to succeed.  It’s because of the influence of our lizard brain, scientifically known as the amygdala; the most primitive part of our brain. This is where we sense fear, hunger, greed, and our drive to reproduce.

Stimuli arrive at this part of our brain twice as fast as the pre-frontal cortex, a phenomenon Daniel Golman described as the “emotional hijack” in his book Emotional Intelligence. Our primitive brain is powerful and primes the whole body for action – which is precisely why instinctual reactions and the resulting passions are so hard to control.

The challenge for creators is that our ideas are constantly “under attack” not only by our own lizard brain, but also the lizard brains of everyone around us who perceives any change as a threat to their own well being. Seth Godin suggests that overcoming this resistance and “shipping” our ideas; moving them through to completion is THE most important skill we must develop. Our problem is not ideas, it is execution.

To wit: the idea for this post came to me over 6 hours ago. After a series of largely unconscious and self imposed distractions no doubt unconsciously designed to protect me from the fear to writing something stupid and being humiliated, or even worse, ignored, I chose to act. I started executing. First, writing longhand in my journal as I conversed with myself about what was happening. Then finally here and now as I key these words into my computer.

For today: Find one thing that is hanging you up and “ship it”. Execute. Put it out there for the entire world to see. The universe needs your creativity and when you don’t execute you are missing the chance to make the world a better place.