Month: January 2010

Cage your lizard

Ideas flow from creative people like water over Niagara Falls. Why, then, do we so often find ourselves working for the “rest of the world” and struggling to succeed.  It’s because of the influence of our lizard brain, scientifically known as the amygdala; the most primitive part of our brain. This is where we sense …

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It’s not about you

My friend Linda Conklin is a marketing expert. She provides career coaching for alumni of UNC-Chapel Hill where a part of her job is helping individuals present themselves to potential employers. The principal she keeps drumming into the heads of those she works with is the same for businesses who are trying to reach new …

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Pulling together

I have always believed a picture is worth a thousand words. As my passion for photography has grown I have seen how true that really is. A great photographer can capture a complex idea in one image and convey it with powerful and compelling emotion. I first saw an image of an 8 man scull …

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