Why I do this

Architects really can recover the passion that first attracted us to this profession as students. And we can and should leverage that passion, along with some of our remarkable and unusual skills and talents, to change the world.


This is not only good for the planet, it’s good for us. I believe it is my calling to help you and your consultants rediscover what first intrigued you about design. I begin by helping you focus, develop a strategy to move forward, and work through the issues and challenges that hold you back.

I can help you understand your own value; learn how to demonstrate it to your clients, win the right projects, gain appropriate recognition, earn a living, and have more fun.

My approach is rooted in who I am: part artist, part professor, and part design evangelist. I have enjoyed over thirty years of architectural practice and during it all worked with individuals and teams in a wide variety of settings. I can show you how to integrate business development with design, project management and staff organization and development, retention and and recruiting, all while increasing your sense of satisfaction in your work. Contact me to learn more, ask for advice, or compare notes. I look forward to hearing from you.